Anna Faith Carlson (born 21 November 1995) is a model, cosplayer, and aspiring actress from Florida. She is best known for cosplaying as the character Elsa from the animated film Frozen. Anna has wanted to be an entertainer since she was a child and has performed publicly since the second grade.

Early life

Anna Faith grew up with her sister Lexie Grace in Daytona Beach, Florida. Her parents are Jim and Karen Carlson. Her mother Karen created the Elsa dress that made Anna famous. She has been publicly performing since second grade which also coincides with when she started modeling. Anna graduated high school in 2014. Her sister, Lexie Grace, portrays the other famous character from Frozen, Anna.[1]


Anna has been an extra in several films. She gained notable widespread media coverage in 2014 when she was discovered on Instagram as an Elsa lookalike from the animated film Frozen. Anna is an aspiring actress and model.[2][3][4][5] Besides acting and modeling, Anna plans to record an album.[6] Recently, she has started to branch out and cosplay as other popular characters from other popular films and comic books such as Rey from Star Wars and Harley Quinn from Batman. Anna has portrayed characters from Harry Potter, Maleficent, Cinderella, and Spider-Man among others.[7]

Anna portrayed Elsa on the TV series Access Hollywood.[8] She was recently named one of the top ten most popular cosplayers in the world.[9] Anna, like many other celebrity cosplayers, appears at cons and other events, serves as a model, and has a strong media presence. Also like many other cosplayers, she has a global following.[10] Her fame reached international status when she was invited to attend a royal party in the United Arab Emirates.[11][12] Anna and her sister have appeared on many radio stations, TV shows, and have been featured in magazines from around the world. They have a large fan base of over 1 million social media followers and counting.[13] She was named one of the top 7 sexiest cosplayers in 2015.[14]

Personal life

In addition to using her striking resemblance to one of Walt Disney Pictures most popular characters, Elsa, as a way to further her career, she uses her talent to entertain and cheer-up cancer patients. Anna and her sister travel together with their mother and manager Karen for hospital visits, charity events, fundraisers and schools.[15][16][17]